Spotify mixed with Radio News

Yantzu and REGIOCAST launch Personal Radio APP

Yantzu launches its new smartphone app for personalized radio. The app brings together the individual music selection ofvarious radio streams and the streaming service Spotify and enriches the music with completely personalized content, in order to combine them to a very personal radio mix. Yantzu provides the technology, the radio company REGIOCAST the modular news Content.

Step towards digital Future of Radio

Beyond classical Broadcast Thinking


Yantzu CEO Hans Oberberger sees the app as a step towards the digital future of radio: "Many listeners will no longer be satisfied with the linear FM radio program for everyone, and people are more and more using media in a time controlled and personalized manner. Our app therefore offers a solution for radio, and we are particularly pleased that we can cooperate with REGIOCAST as a very experienced partner in radio digitization."


Matthias Pfaff, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of REGIOCAST, said: "The individualization of the radio experience as a core benefit of a digital radio offer leads us as a guideline for our own technological developments. Yantzu is consistently exploring new territory beyond classical broadcast thinking. We are very happy to be a part of it - with open interfaces to our content but also with a high technological interest."

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Automatic News Detection

Yantzu develops text analytics system


Yantzu has developed its own text analytics system, which can be used to automatically assign news to a certain department. The system scans each incoming text for specific signal words, and then determines the news category where it is going to be placed. The basis for this is a dictionary with more than 60,000 words that have been assigned to a specific category. Thus, the system distinguishes between unimportant and important words and assigns the news to a specific department by means of detected signal words.

Detection of news threads


In addition, Yantzu immediately compares incoming news with the stories already stored in the system. Finding matches, the system assumes that it is highly likely to be news on the same topic and devaluates the older story in this news thread. Outdated texts disappear automatically from the news pool. As a result the user receives his desired news mixture and he is also informed about the latest news on a specific topic.

Speech-to-Text module planned


In the future, all incoming audio files will be processed according to this method. Yantzu will integrate a speech-to-text module, which converts audio file formats such as mp3 or wav into written texts. In combination with the text analytics system, all incoming audio files

can also be categorized. Not only will this enable the allocation of audio messages in the Yantzu news Player. It will also make it easier to find audio files in search engines and to share them in social media.

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New Radio App

Yantzu offers fully personalized Radio

Individual Mix


The smartphone app Yantzu for the first time makes it possible to listen to a fully personalized radio program. The newly developed app brings together the individual music selection of a streaming service and likewise personalized radio content and combines them into a very personal radio mix.


Unites Music & Words


The user selects within the app his music playlist and adds the content he likes most. Yantzu mixes it to an individually tailored radio program. The music comes from streaming service Spotify. The word content is supplied, constantly updated, by radio agencies. As a first step, fully personalized radio news will be possible.

Various Offers


In the future, the app will allow the compilation of different contents by activating certain content channels, including a weather, a comedy and a documentary channel. In addition, a so-called Chatpod channel is planned, where users can upload audio posts and share them with their friends. Thus, the radio listener becomes a radio producer.

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